about moi

Dini. 14. dragon fighter. outer space.

I want to be a writer.

♥ boooooks. without them i'd probaby be nothing.  they keep me alive. my favorite books are harry potter series by j.k. rowling and the illustrated mum by jacqueline wilson.

i make a lot of friendship bracelets for a person who has very few friends.

i craft sometimes.

a cat person whose mom is allergic to cats so the odds aren't quite in my favor.

i love postcards, snail mails, and package swaps because they are very real, not like internet, and they make me happy. if you're interested just let me know! (if you don't mind sending stuffs all the way to indonesia though ha) (i don't)

i love talking to people in the internet!! some of you guys are really awesome and sometimes i'm too scared to talk first haha

i read Rookie like many of you guys. actually it is the reason my blog exist. i just want to be a part of this awzum community of cool flower crown maker and culture that doesn't exist in my own lame bubble. i became a better person after discovering Rookie. and the credits goes to Tavi Gevinson and the internet.

you will see some grammar mistakes in this blog. i'm from outer space and we're totally cooler than human we don't have time for grammar lessons. lol i apologize if your eyes burn because of the amount of typos. always correct me if i'm wrong. don't afraid. i don't bite. hard.

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