Sunday, 12 January 2014

it's sunday again.

I thought it would be miserable and awful, but turned out I've survived the slightly hellish first five days of school after Christmas break. And I think that's awesome. Many people could just float through those days effortlessly and act normal, just be normal. But I couldn't--even thinking about it made me want to cry. School is always me being unable to connect with my classmates and drowning in a pool of anxiety. Getting through the week took me a lot of effort and self-kicking, but at least I did it, and sometimes we forget to celebrate these small achievements. Therefore I congratulate myself. And you too, if you're a pretty snowflake like me! (Naww I'm sure everyone here is nice and rad ass so all of u congratz)

On Friday I got a disney princess towel for the school christmas swap and I legit cried about it because it's my first christmassy gift I've ever gotten and I got a fucking towel with Ariel and the gang's face printed on it. I don't know whether to laugh or cry about this.

On the same day I hung out with my bestest friend at her place. We had caramel tea and talk about stuffs, just like ye olde days. I showed her pictures from my phone and we fangirled on Benedict Cumberbatch and made fun of my towel. I'm dying to spoil some series 3 to her, which is weird because she, out of all people, hasn't seen the third series. She's literally the Sherlock to my John, slightly antisocial, fluffy hair, and she thinks differently than other people, often not caring what they think. While I'm the one who tells her off and blog about things. Did someone say cosplay????

It's been 2 months since I've last seen her--not really a long time, but seemed like it. These days only Sherlock episodes, blogging, and her existence could make me excited about life and if that doesn't describe my life, I don't know what will.

On another note, I went through my gran's friend ancient trunk and found this beautiful vintage dress! It felt like unearthing a treasure. My good ol gran told me I could keep it. This basically screams first outfit post!

The shoes are from Bata (hello if any of u fellow Indonesians are reading this post), the bracelets were my mother's, and my mother bought me the tights, but pretty sure you could buy them anywhere.

I'm still figuring out the occasions to wear these tho, they are too pretty and I don't really like people pointing out the fact that I am wearing a dress. Or rather pointing the fact that I dress more like a girl, whatever that means. Dresses are not something people wear everyday. oH GOD WHY DOES THIS SOUNDS SO NEGATIVE ALL OF THE SUDDEN I'M REALLY SORRY I SHOULDN'T MAKE YALL FEEL BAD TOO OR SOMETHING UGH

Also, I changed my blog title and everything! I don't really like my old title, and the header and background's getting old. Awkward by Nature was something I came out randomly and thought it would be temporary. I've always liked the name Pandora, a lot of characters from my forever cliffhanger fictions are named after it. Though my life, blog, or the characters has nothing to do with the legend of Pandora's box, yet. Pandora means all-gifted or all-giving. 

this post motivational-ish thingy

Last episode of Sherlock tonight--which I would watch tomorrow. I hope I would survive this. I better write a note, just in case.


  1. Wow, that dress is beautiful. Just saying. You look awesome in it.

    1. Thanks Cassie, this means so much to me. ♡

  2. that dress is so cool! series three, oh my don't get me started haha! xxo

    1. Thankiess! Xx Oh god yes i don't even know anymore! do not trust moffat for these stuff.