Saturday, 20 July 2013

you're never fully dressed without a smile. (and a nice haircut)

(warning: a bunch of narcisstic selfie of me in various haircuts on the way. Wear your sunglasses so your eyes don't get burned out of my awesomeness)

Life update: Guys I just got a new haircut. My rl friend would be like "isn't your hair short enough?" or "I would never do that to my hair omg b0yz lyk gurlz w lonG h4ir say wHut" lol i'm a wild child and i can't be tamed yo~ and also because my old haircut grows and it looked like crap so I just had to cut it haha but don't tell my rl friends

me and my knitted thingy I'm so very proud of :DD

Um um yeah so I'm pretty happy with my current hair

I've had 3 haircuts this year, and the last two were from a moment after my first haircut started to get crazy. I really like the hair though.

And this is me after graduation with the second haircut, one of the rare occassions when I wear eyeliners. This is my favorite selfie, and I like the bangs--they didn't go in a straight line unlike my present bangs. I think my hair kinda look like Lena Dunham here, no? haha k

In a completely unrelated note:

real edit by estherlune
sORRY I posted this late becoz yesterday I had school and stuff and everyday I came home really pooped. After having a whole 2 months to myself, it's really hard getting accustomed to normal civilian life like wow where did all my free time go???

Well yeah happy birthday and keep up your job acting brilliantly and ruining people's lives okay Ben ily

Anyway: I just found a perfect answer to the Liebster question "what would you do if you were invisible for a day" and I think it's the most accurate thing ever.

I guess that's all. It's 3 AM right now and I don't know what am I doing with my life. Now you know why this post sounded so drunk from the beginning.

Happy weekend guyz x


  1. Yay Benedict Cumberbatch! And your hair is awesome... And I would totally do all of those things if I was invisible!
    Ella x

    1. Yaay thank you :) and yes I knooow! The post really makes me want to be invisible ugh is there and app for that

  2. Short hair is the best, and you look great! I recently got a pixie cut, it's a lot of fun :)