Wednesday, 1 January 2014

firecrackers are cool, but crying is okay too i guess.

i really love this rookiemag pic also the story behind it. actually one of the few that made me stop and just look at the picture. 

Recently I've stumbled upon a blog that I used to stalk intensely. Much creep, I know. I think I stopped stalking it because it hadn't been active for quite a long time, and I was surprised to found it back in business. The writer said in one of the posts that she would try to write everyday, and I guess she did. The posts were not like very well-written film critique or deep shtuff on life. It was just simple things in her life she decided to put in words, I think. That's kinda beautiful.

That made me realize that I just need to write simple things on my mind and put aside drafts that has been there since forever because my lack of vocab smartassness, or people wouldn't be interested in it. I've got nothing to lose since not many people read this anyway so yeah whatever

And I don't really know this guy or anything, but I'm not really sure if I should share the link or not, since it doesn't have many viewers and probably she would like it to stay that way. 

Anyhoo, it's 2014 now. I wish people would stop pretend that they know what's going to happen within the next 365 days, with all the resolutions and wishes and stuff. It makes me feel like diving deeper into the ocean without knowing what kind of monster we have to face. The future scares me, and thinking about things that I have to achieve would end up with me creating the worst scenarios in my mind, and I could already feel myself failing those wonderful goals I've set in the future. 

Sometimes it's better to pretend like nothing has changed and go through life as usual. But I will try to write everyday. So when we're coming to another end (ROLLING EYES), I could see how far we've come and get all nostalgic about it. I like nostalgia, because sometimes the present and the future are too hard to cope, and looking back reminds me how I was when I first started. And then some shit went down. Shit turned out to be ultrashit. But it also brought me good things. Both of them had changed my life in some ways. The shit passed, and some good things stayed. Some ended, because that's just how it's supposed to be. I lost my nice middle school life to a shitty high school rollercoaster ride. I couldn't see my best friend everyday, the only thing that kept me going. I cried about it a little. Maybe a lot. Both ways, it's okay. 

Those ultrashits I've been through was hard. But I'm still here. And I guess sticking around makes me great and hardcore. If I could make it all the way through the shitships, I can make it through another day. Another year. Life. Anything. Maybe you could, too. Happy new year.



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