Friday, 26 April 2013


guess what mum

I forget to copy the text so this is all I have. and ignore my weirdness this is what happens when i got a slightest touch of human interaction, even though it's online but still.

i checked out his blog and it's full of pics of people smoking weed and stuffs like that. WEIRD. i did send him an ask but he replied with short sentences and then I just leave it there.

i don't listen to Swedish House Mafia. Little did he know I have a magical machine called Google.

im on omegle, sometimes. if youre on omegle too we should make a tag or something.

the video is called Gangnam Hype and I really want to upload it but youtube on blogger seems to be error atm. Oh well. good evening (or morning or whatever time it is in your timezone) my nonexistent blog readers. 

sorry i haven't post a lot



all source: Tumblr.

sorry not sorry for hyperventilating and gif abusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

im finally qualified to use the phrase i'm done with middle school because I'M SO DONE WITH MIDDLE SCHOOL

it's not as bad as my final elementary years. no weird dramas, at least not that involves me. and even though I'm not very close with my classmates but sure as hell I'm gonna miss them. It'll be really weird to go to school everyday and not finding them sitting in their desks, doing what they're doing.

aaand now I'm rambling.

Am not worried about my grades, weirdly. maybe that's because I've been accepted to a high school. therefore i don't need my grades to get me in public schools. congratulations for MEE YEAHH

my last post was so creepy gosh

Now that schools out for 2 months (YUSHH) I have more time to write real quality posts guys you have my words.