Tuesday, 14 May 2013

days like this.

Sometimes I have no idea what to do today. that's normal, they say. Not for me, because I get anxious if I have nothing to do all day or just lay there with my laptop jumping from one blog to another. I have to make something out of this hours I spend in my room but if I don't I'll feel bad about myself what's wrong with me??

A few days ago I went to my friend's house and ended up sleeping over. She fed me up with anime and we didn't realized it was already dark outside. And I made her watch Orphan and Bunheads, so it was a tie. basically we were just slouching on her couch and talk. A lot. Very counterproductive, but am happy.

After I went home I caught cold and cancelled my trip to Bandung.


 Finally went to the bookstore!!! Trinkets is already available but only the hardcover. Like the cheapskate I am, I didn't bought the book. I bought this instead:
I heard from Goodreads it's good, so let's hope I'm not wrong. 

My mom bought me some yarns and I plan to make a neck warmer out of it (although I don't need a neck warmer damn you tropical weather)

Bye. x

Saturday, 4 May 2013

craft day (and other stuffs)

(resisting the urge to put exclamation marks in the title because once you do, you'll never stop [!!!!!!!!!!!!]. [See what I mean?])

Anyway last week we went to a nearby craft bazaar to see some stuffs overloaded with awesomeness.

And I participated!!! I sell my handmade friendship bracelets and I made some money. I've never been prouder of myself. I also joined a scrapbooking workshop (I forgot to ask my mother to capture me gluing some stuffs) and I freaked out when I saw a container loaded with nice printed leftover papers and almost took all of it home (pics later). And the other crafters were really nice and make cooler stuffs than mine. 



this one is my favorite but I didn't get to buy it :(

One of the cool crafters I friended brought a mini guitar which is really cool. Not an ukulele, not yet a guitar. GEDDIT???? She's a huge fan of Beatles (you can tell from her stuffs) she even bought the song book, so we jammed All My Loving and Hey Jude together. Funnnnn.

my nails with  a 50-cent-probably-fake-and-toxic-ugly-green-nail-polish

the stuff I was doing. 
Stuff I bought:

ugh cutest thing ever

The plant's roots are wrapped in the round thing which is actually a moss tied with string. The method is called Kokedama. I want to be responsible of something during break (anything but my sister) and THIS STUFF IS COOL so I bought it. The best thing is I don't have to water my sansiviera every day so it's kinda like a cactus or something

And this is how I water them. While the moss is soaked, I can touch the icky wet stuffs with my finger. Or staring pointlessly at the damp clothes on the line. Or observing ants marching across the wall. Or leave it there for ten minutes to watch glee. This is why having a kokedama is more interesting than having an ordinary plant.



And May the 4th be with you guys (not that I followed the rest of this misguided world and surrender my life to Star Wars fandom). Happy birthday to my dad, a huge fan of Star Wars. He doesn't know I have another blog. My dad is very strict about publicating his birthday, he even doesn't post his birth date on facebook. My aunt gave him a vintage May 1965 calendar which is really cool I wanted to share the picture of it here but he took my memory card. What are you an undercover spy or something

though he doesn't have to be Totally Spies' Jerry to be the coolest dad ever. 

dont tell him i said that

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