Friday, 3 January 2014

catzzz appreciation post!

Yall have seen my cat Winnie, ryt? Yah, she was prego a few months ago before she was going to be neutered (we were just talkin about it when she entered the scene and my dad went "... wait a second."). My neighbor's ex alley cat is the pop. I wouldn't go into the details on the pregnancy and birth stuff but if you're interested you shud study animal biology. I have to give all of them since the smell is too icky and my mum's allergy came back (she was okay with one but five nOPE)

My sister got to name the oldest two, Miiko (pic4) and Merida (pic2). The real Miiko was a manga character and shes the oldest supreme of the felinehood. My sister insists on keeping her because she is such a beauty. Merida well oFCOURSE THE QUEENEST OF THE QUEEN? Natasha and Clint's lovechild???

Anyway, so I got to name the last two, all dudez. Should've let my sister handle the nameshizz because I named them Doge (pic8) and Legolas (pic12). My sister cried "YOU CAN'T NAME A CAT DOGE!!!!!" But then she let it be. Doge has this stupid face all the time like hes saying very food. such fancy. wow. iz delic. Legolas is the youngest but he's so fab and jumps around excitedly. THEYRE TAKING THE FELINES TO ISENGAAAAARDDDD

Pardon my fangirling. I gotta go finish my Empty Hearse review (!!!!) and watch after Merida and Legolas practice shooting stray dogs. I'm so proud of my bbys archery skillz.


  1. SUCH CUTIEs <3 Oh my gosh :) I'm a fellow Rookie-addict and I stumbled upon your quaint little blog (who even says 'quaint' these days??) through one of your comments. :)

    1. YES AREN'T THEY ADORABLE? The word 'quaint' sounds funny and nice, thank you :)